Salamanca, art and monuments


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Guide of Salamanca and province. Salamanca, a university city, is not only knowledge, but it also has an extensive monumental heritage, from prehistoric times all styles can be traced to our time. In this guide all the monuments and points of interest of the City of Salamanca and principals of the province of Salamanca are treated. In the city with special attention to the Cathedrals of Salamanca, Old and New, The University, The Clerecía, the Roman bridge, the Plaza Mayor of Salamanca, the convent of San Esteban, The House of the Shells, or the Palacio de Monterrey.
The texts are concise, rich and clear, with more than 200 images of medium and large format, plans, and schemes that help the visitor to have a clear, affordable and well-used idea of ​​his visit to Salamanca. In turn serves as a reminder of your visit.

  • Binding: rustic stitched with flaps.
  • 160 pages.
  • Full color.
  • Size: 17 x 24 cm (vertical).
  • With quadruple folding, inside.
  • Translated into English by: Simon Harris in accordance with DIN EN 15038.
  • ISBN: 978-84-943610-3-6

Alphabetic index of topics covered in the book

Abrantes Tower

Anaya Guest House

Anaya Square

Archbishop Fonseca University College

Birth Gateway

Calatrava School

Calixto y Melibea Garden

Calle Libreros

Carmen de Abajo

Casa de la Concordia

Chapel of the Third Order of Saint Francis

Church and Convent of the Immaculate Conception

Church of Saint Sebastian

Church of the Trinitarians

Classrooms and the chapel

Clavero Tower

Cockerel tower

Colón Square

Conchas House

Convent of the Dominican Dueñas

Convento de San Esteban

Corpus Christi Convent

El Mariquelo

Escuelas Menores

Figueroa Palace

Garcí-Grande Palace

Hermitage of Our Lady of Mercy

History of the city

Holy Trinity – Saint Paul

House of Dª María la Brava

House of Miguel de Unamuno

House of Santa Teresa

House of the Alderman Ovalle Prieto

House of the Deaths

House of the Sexmeros de la Tierra

House-Museum of Miguel de Unamuno

Ieronimus – Ascending the tower

Lis House, Art Noveau and Deco Museum

Madre de Dios Convent

Maldonado House

Monarchs’s Cloister

Montellano Palace

Monterrey Palace

New Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin

Old Cathedral of St. Mary’s of the Seat

Orellana Palace

Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Patio Chico

Plaza de la Libertad

Plaza de los Bandos

Plaza Mayor

Ramos Gateway

Real Convento de Santa Clara

Rodríguez del Manzano Palace

Roman bridge

Saint Ambrose School

Saint Baudilus Square

Saint Benedict’s church

Saint Elias convent

Saint Ildefonsus School

Saint Isidore and Saint Pelayus

Saint James of Arrabal

Saint John of Sahagún

Saint Julian and Saint Basilissa church

Saint Katherine’s School

Saint Mark

Saint Martin of Tours

Saint Mary’s of the Knights Church

Saint Millan Church

Saint Thomas of Canterbury

Saint Ursula’s Convent

Salamanca Cave

Salamanca Museum

Salamanca University

Salina Palace

San Cristóbal

San Juan Bautista de Barbalos

San Polo

Sancti Spiritus

Santa María de los Ángeles School

Scala Coeli

Solís House

Solís Palace

Soto Stairway

Study Hospital

The University Library

The Cathedrals

The Clergy, Pontifical University

The Enigmas

The Holy Trinity General Hospital

The province of Salamanca

The Saint Benedict’s corner

The Sky of Salamanca

The University Stairway

Torre del Aire

University College of Anaya

Vera Cruz Chapel


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